Getting a record made in the 21st century often means asking your fans to “pre-buy” your next album. And if they do you offer them some sort of incentive/thank you gift for doing so. But with the funding accumulated you can afford to make your record the best way you can afford to. If the funding goes really well and you raise more than anticipated you can make it even better.

Some of my friends have campaigns currently running, all ending in the next few weeks. If they don’t reach their goal they get none of the money pledged and have to go back to square one. I’ve personally pledged/donated to all of these projects – even though I could get a copy for free because of what I do. I know I won’t be disappointed with the final product, and I know you won’t be either. If you have a few extra bucks to help them, I know it would be greatly appreciated. And, in the end, we get some great new music to listen to!!

American Babies new album at Kickstarter


Jesse Malin new album at PledgeMusic


Garland Jeffreys new album at PledgeMusic


Harper’s Fellow new album at Indiegogo


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