skull crossbonesAs most people know by now, the legendary rock club Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ will be closing its doors for good on July 31 2013. You can now find several reports of the news.

First published report:

Story makes BillboardBiz:

Jim DeRogatis remembers:

Otis Ball remembers:

Fans/Friends of Maxwell’s Facebook Group, where a lot of folks are remembering:

For north Jersey fans of live, original music Maxwell’s was “home” to us. We didn’t have to go into New York City (or worse…Brooklyn) because pretty much any band that was playing in NYC would also play at Maxwell’s. It was a well known stop on everyone’s tour. Even if a band could have played a larger room, they made a point of playing Maxwell’s because of the atmosphere. The way they were treated by management and staff. The meal. The sound system and sound men. The jukebox in the front room restaurant. The “homey” feel of the back room. It also felt like “home” to those of us that didn’t get on stage, those of us that just went there to see our favorite bands or discover new ones. I’m pretty sure that anyone who went to Maxwell’s once, went there again. And again. And again. And again. And all of us have until July 31 2013 to make it back at least one more time to catch a great show and say ‘thank you’ to everyone there. And I’d like to thank everyone that I know that has worked at Maxwell’s through the years, including Andy, Adam, Ro Da, Andrea, John, Ted, Karl, Todd, and anyone I may be forgetting….


Here is an album of my photos, all taken at Maxwell’s through the years. There are many more, I’ll have to add them later.

And here, amazingly enough, is a complete (I believe it’s complete) list of every show I’ve seen at Maxwell’s:


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  1. […] friends play on that stage. I saw a lot of people who would become my friends on that stage. I can, thanks to my OCD list of shows and hundreds of photos, look at them now and be reminded of some of the singularly Maxwell’s […]

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