Guess what? CD-Rs will eventually start to fail on you. I know, I’m shocked too. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years, apparently. So, in an effort to save some of my old interviews from 90.5 The Night from disappearing into the world of faded zeros and ones, I’m starting to convert them back to digital (a bit ironic, I know) and upload them. Here are two.

Long before Once and Academy Awards and sold out Beacon Theatre shows, Glen Hansard of The Frames (and The Swell Season) and his buddy Mark Geary stopped by for a classic visit. 20 February 2002.

Another one of my all time favorite visitors was Midge Ure, former lead singer of Ultravox (a band that I was a big fan of). He’s had a number of great solo albums as well. Aaaand, you may remember this other thing he was a part of…Band Aid?!?!?! (And, Live Aid, obviously.) 02 May 2002

Both of these were engineered by my dear friend, the late, Dave Mac. He’s the one on the right in the photo with Midge.

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  1. David Lusman says:

    Midge is the “current” lead singer of Ultravox – They have been back together since 2008 ( and recorded a new album “brilliant” last year ) . Currently touring Europe , Midge is back in the US in January for a solo tour for a couple of dozen dates – with the possibility of a full Ultravox tour later in the year.
    Good to hear again about how he doesnt want to revist the past 🙂 . Thaks for posting this interview..

    • unkajeff says:

      Haha, well, things change in 10 years, I guess! 😉 I had seen that they were back together and recording and playing. Haven’t heard the album yet, looking forward to though!

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