Squeeze were HUGE for a while there. Here, even. So I really shouldn’t have to explain much about who they were or are. But last night I discovered that BBC4 had produced a documentary about the band. It’s absolutely fantastic and informative and as a huge fan of Squeeze I found it great television. If you are a fan of Squeeze, you should watch this. If all you know about them is “Tempted” or “Hourglass” or “Black Coffee In Bed,” you should watch this.

Take Me I’m Yours documentary, 2012 (BBC4)

It also got me thinking about the 3 times that lead singer Glenn Tilbrook came to 90.5 The Night to visit with me.

22 May 2002

29 August 2003

20 October 2004

Watching the documentary also made me think about a few things….
1. Squeeze were so good they should be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
2. Why is there no place on American television that would broadcast this film (or one like it)? Let alone produce it (or one like it).
3. I need to get Glenn back in the studio. Soon.

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