There’s a television series called Driving Jersey that has been finding the “real” New Jersey and the “real” people of New Jersey for the last few years. What started as a web-series and grew to a TV series carried by college and university tv stations in the state is now on the schedule of NJTV, the NJ PBS channel. (Next episode will air Thursday 10/25/2012 at 10:30pm and Saturday 10/27/2012 at 4:30am.)

They need your support in order to continue production of the series. They started a Kickastarter campaign to raise $10,000 (a pawltry sum in television terms) and that campaign ends on November 1st. If they don’t reach that goal all of the “pledgers” will not be charged and Driving Jersey will not get the money.

Driving Jersey finds the people, places, organizations, poets, musicians, events, and the characters that make New Jersey the unique place that it is. The great place that it is. They’ve even been nominated for an Emmy Award!

C’mon you NJ folks! Don’t let the cultural legacy of “us” be Jersey Shore, The Sopranos, Jerseylicious, Cake Boss and The Real Housewives of NJ!! Support Driving Jersey so that some real NJ folks are seen and heard!

Here are some segments from the show that you should find interesting, fun, enlightening, intriguing. It should become obvious that it is something worth supporting.

Boys & Girls Club Music Program w/ Joe Piscopo

Red Bank Roller Vixens

Mount Zion Church, part 1


Cinnamon Snail

Michael Dante Summonte – Grandfather, Grandfather

Jon Francis – Hard Times

Quincy Mumford – Speak My Mind

Cara Salimando – Commonwealth

And here’s a conversation I had with creator Steve Rogers, contributor Jon Francis and songwriter Michael Dante Summonte the other day on 90.5 The Night (WBJB-FM) here in…New Jersey!

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