Another band that should have been bigger (in the US anyway) than they were, the pride of Potsdam NY, Gigolo Aunts. The band formed in 1981 while Steve Hurley, Dave Gibbs, (Steve’s brother) Phil Hurley and Paul Brouwer were in middle school together taking their name from an old Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) song.

In the late 80s they relocated to the much more musically fertile soil of Boston MA where they quickly established themselves as one of the city’s best bands. Sometime in the early 90s is when I became friends with the band since they were friends with a number of my friends in the New Haven, Albany and Boston scenes.

By 1994 they even found themselves on RCA Records for the Flippin’ Out album (RCA released an altered version of the album that had come out in late 93 in the UK). The album included the single “Where I Find My Heaven” that was included on the soundtrack to the hit film Dumb & Dumber. In the mid-90s Brouwer was replaced on drums by Fred Eltringham and Phil Hurley was replaced by guitarist Jon Skibic. This version of the band recorded the EP Learn To Play Guitar (1997) and the albums Minor Chords And Major Themes (1999) and Pacific Ocean Blues (2002). In 2000 Gibbs and Steve Hurley relocated to Los Angeles, where they both still live. After moving there they wrote the music for the Josie & The Pussycats film and a number of TV shows.

Strangely, perhaps, the band found much more success in the UK and Spain than they did at home. So much so that in recent years they have returned to Spain to play reunion shows.

You may not even know it, but it’s possible that you’ve seen or heard some music from the guys recently too.
Dave Gibbs is currently a member of the band Low Stars, Street Sweeper Social Club, and is musical director for the musical Rock of Ages.
Fred Eltringham is a top session drummer in Nashville, playing with the likes of the Dixie Chicks, The Wallflowers, and Court Yard Hounds.
Jon Skibic is working with Twilight Singers, Ivy, The Watson Twins, the Blue Man Group and The Rock of Ages tour.
Phil Hurley currently writes, records and tours with Austin based country rock act Stonehoney.
Steve Hurley teaches English and Journalism in Los Angeles. He also plays bass and sings in a band made up of teachers at his school, Six Pak.
Paul Brouwer is currently a middle school principal in Hebron, ME. (Okay, so you haven’t heard any music from Paul.)

In 1999 I put together 3 “birthday shows” around my birthday in March. The 2nd show was at Maxwell’s in Hoboken and I booked Gigolo Aunts and Steve Wynn with local bands Plug Spark Sanjay and Framing Dakota. I do remember thinking that the show might never end considering that, between Gigolo Aunts and Steve Wynn, they know every song ever recorded.

Here I am with Fred, Jon, Steve and Dave at WHTG after I had them on my show “The Underground” in 1996.

Revolver (Mission Of Burma cover, live 1991?)

Bloom (from Full-On Bloom EP, 1993)

Bloom (from Full-On Bloom EP, 1993, live on Conan O’Brien 1993)

Mrs Washington (from Flippin’ Out, 1993)

Mrs Washington (from Flippin’ Out, 1993, live Reading Festival 1993)

Where I Find My Heaven (from Flippin’ Out, 1993, featured in Dumb & Dumber 1994)

The Big Lie (from Minor Chords and Major Themes, live in Spain 1999)

The Girl From Yesterday (Nacha Pop cover from The One Before the Last Spanish collection, 2000, live on Spanish TV 2006)

Everyone Can Fly (from Minor Chords and Major Themes, 1999, live on Spanish TV 2006)


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  1. Sarah Brouwer says:

    Paul, my dad, does play in a band!

  2. Michelle Brosnan says:

    Phil Hurley currently plays searing guitar, writes and sings, with Austin based band The Moonlighters aka The South Austin Moonlighters – Look for their soon to released, LIVE CD!!!

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