Harry Greenberger and songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan visited with me on the air today to let people know about the benefit concerts being held on April 29 and 30 at Bowery Electric in NYC. The “Benefit For Lucinda’s Kids” will be 2 benefit concerts, auction & fundraiser for the children of Lucinda Gallagher.

Last December, our close community of friends, musicians, and music lovers lost one of its own when Lucinda Gallagher took her own life. Lucinda was kind and generous, and would give anything she had to anyone in need. She loved music, her friends and family, but more than anything in this world, her two amazing children. The children, now in the care of Lucinda’s dear friend Jamie, both have their mother’s rock and roll spirit. Like her, they are bright and soulful, and have a deep appreciation for music. Young teenagers, both are gifted budding musicians.

This benefit will include live shows on April 29th and 30th at the Bowery Electric, as well as an auction and raffle that will raise money to be put in trust for Lucinda’s children. All artists and persons involved have generously donated their time and talents, as well as items for auction and raffle. With the advisement of Bob Benjamin of the Light of Day charity, we will ensure that 100% of the proceeds are placed into a trust for the children.

Tickets are on sale now! Visit the Bowery Electric website for details!

Jesse Malin
Wille Nile
Jimmy Gnecco & Dave Milone
Jim Boggia
Aaron Lee Tasjan
Petter Ericson Stakee (of Alberta Cross)

HR (of Bad Brains)
Tommy Stinson
Alan Vega
James Maddock
Aaron Lee Tasjan

Bob Gruen
Danny Clinch
Mary Louise Parker
Morrison Hotel Gallery
& Many More

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  1. […] Click here to listen to Greenberger and Tasjan do a radio interview about Lucinda and the benefit. […]

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