Okay, so it’s actually Saturday. I totally meant to post this yesterday, first Friday of April, as good a day as any to start what I hope I will remember to do every Friday… provide a little musical flashback.

Madder Rose were one of my all-time favorite NYC based bands in the 1990s. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Mary Lorson (later of Saint Low and most recently Mary Lorson & the Soubrettes), they released 4 albums and 2 EPs between 1993 and 1999. Most of the band’s songs were written or co-written by guitarist Billy Coté. The band also featured drummer Rick Kubic a.k.a. Johnny Kick (who has uploaded the 2 videos here) and bassists Matt Verta-Ray (who would leave the band to form Speedball Baby and later Heavy Trash) and Chris Giammalvo (formerly of Eve’s Plumb).

My favorite release from the band has always been their major label (Seed/Atlantic) debut Panic On from 1994.

Madder Rose – Panic On (1994)

Madder Rose – Car Song (1994)

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